Thirteen is an Air Elemental, and servant to the Light Council Member, Vaal Levistus. She is sent by Levistus to retrieve the Fateweaver and kill Alex Verus, but is accidentally killed by a Force bolt sent by Onyx


As an Air Elemental, Thirteen appears to be transparent- Alex describes her as,' tall, with long legs and hair falling about her shoulders, and she was naked, sensual, beautiful.' Uniquely, Thirteen seems to exude a human aura, and does not have to primal, uncontrollable feeling of other elementals such as Starbreeze. Also, Thirteen's eyes ,' glow a faint white, and are utterly empty'.


Thirteen seems to be incredibly loyal to Levistus, willing to kill a mage of Verus's caliber and fight another Air Elemental of equal power in order to fulfil his purposes. She is also utterly unemphatic and may even be psychotic, as shown by her willingness to strangle and then transmute Verus. Thirteen seems to have had her original personality overwritten by Levistus- instead of pursuing a fleeing Starbreeze, she insteads targets Verus again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Thirteen can use Air Magic to make herself invisible,  so that even a mage of Verus's skill could not detect her by physical or magical means. She can also shrink herself so small that she can fit into a person's throat, as well as transmute their atoms into air molecules. Thirteen can also grow talons on her hands and feet that are sharp enough to severly injure another Air Elemental, and would have killed Verus with one strike had it connected.


The first time Alex meets Thirteen is a few moments after Levistus sends out his entourage as the ball at canary wharf while she is invisible Alex makes a guess that him and Levistus wouldn't be alone together and the Light Council Member tells her to show herself . Alex then scans the future and realises that, if he rejects Levistus' deal, Thirteen will kill him right there; therefore, he accepts. Thirteen is not seen for the majority of the novel, merely shadowing Verus, but appears near the end of Fated, attacking Verus while he is distracted by Onyx, Cinder and Deleo. She strikes at him with her talons, but is intercepted by Starbreeze, resulting in a fight. While the two duel, Alex retrieves and bonds with the fateweaver. Calling Starbreeze off, Verus allows Thirteen to attack him, only to dodge at the last second and allow Thirteen to be hit with one of Onyx's Force bolts. This kills the Air elemental.