Talisid is a Light Mage, serving an unknown faction of the Council. He approaches Verus at the ball and offers to assist him against Morden, Levistus and Deleo, at the cost of handing the fateweaver to his faction.


Talisid is averagely tall, 'a hair under medium height', and has a receding hairline. He looks to be in his forties, though this is doubtful. He is surprisingly dressed in dark clothes, and Verus describes him as, ' a blackbird amongst the peacocks on the dance floor'. He has a steady gaze.


Talisid is normally calm, urbane and polite. He is noted to be the only faction who did not threaten Verus with death in Fated, adding a certain credence to his claim to be working for the Light Council Mages. Nevertheless, Talisid is very well informed, knowing what was discussed between Verus and Levistus moments after they had discussed it. Talisid is also slightly manipulative, having managed to ease his way into Verus's trusts, to the point that Verus had planned to give him the fateweaver. He also seems to share Verus's dislike for Dark Mages, or at least he claims to. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Talisid, having never been seen in combat, has unknown Magical abilities. He does have extensive contacts and organisational skills, though his inability to get extensive security around Onyx's ambush suggests that this skill can be honed.


Talisid approaches a shocked Verus after his meeting with Levistus; he offers aid in helping Verus avoid trouble with Levistus, and, by extention, the Council. Their meeting is interrupted by the presence of Deleo's Group, and Verus and Luna flee. Talisid later calls Verus, and offers to meet him at 6:00 at Centre Point, to which Verus agrees. The meeting never happens, as Verus is abducted by Deleo's Group, but they agree to work together anyway, with Verus telling Talisid the details of Onyx's ambush. Despite this foreknowledge, Talisid is unable to stop the Dark Mages from gaining control over the Museum, to Verus's annoyance. He is the one to find Verus after he and Luna escape with the fateweaver, and he calls for a healer. Talisid expresses his desire to work with Verus again, but Verus is unsure.