Onyx is a Dark Force Mage, and Dark Chosen of Morden. Representing Morden's interests, he seeks the Fateweaver in Fated, leading Deleo's Group and Verus, and is defeated by the Diviner..


Onyx seems to be tall and imposing; Alex describes him as, 'a young man, barely in his mid twenties, but no one would have called him a boy. He was tall and slender looking in a way that suggested speed, with cold eyes'. By his appearance, Alex guesses that Onyx, 'would be deadly with his magic or without it,' which is true. 


Onyx appears to be loyal to Morden and his True Path Avalues, but, as he is a Dark Mage, this loyalty is doubtful. Like his Master, Onyx is willing to inflict terrible pain, and may take sadistic pleasure in it: after testing if Verus's death bracelet, and telling him about the higher levels, Onyx sarcastically asks if Verus wants to see for himself, knowing that, as a Diviner, Alex would see himself dying over and over if he looked into the future. To Onyx, torture is nothing personal; Alex notes that, 'discipline among Dark Mages is brutal; it has to be. A Dark leader unwilling to hurt anyone who disrespects him wont stay leader for long'. This practicality extends to both ally and enemy: Onyx uses unnecessary force to go through the guards, 'like a buzzsaw', and manipulates Khazard to betray Verus and Deleo, all the while planning his death.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Onyx is a Dark Force Mage. His magic has a 'dull, flat, wham sound', according to Verus. His magic is powerful enough to completely eviscerate a Mage of Griff's power (albeit combined with Deleo and Cinder's magic), and take on the aforementioned Dark Mages single handedly, sending Cinder flying and breaking Deleo's shield. His Force magic can take different shapes, such as discs, lances, sawblades, hammer blows and force bombs.  Onyx's magic can also be subtle, able to open powerful gates, teleport, and hurt people with a small gesture. However, despite the versatility of his Force Magic, Onyx was unable to take down a fateweaver-wielding Verus, and began to panic


Onyx is first revealed as Morden's Chosen, his Dark Apprentice. He is tasked with leading Verus, Deleo, Cinder and Khazard into the Museum to retrieve the Fateweaver. Unknown to his subordinates, Onyx is also tasked with killing them all when he possesses the staff. Onyx has to deal with insurbordination from Khazard and Verus, but a quick gesture and the death bracelets stop the rebellion. Onyx, using Alex's Divination, gates them into the Museum, but while the Dark Mages engage the security mages, Verus flees.

Onyx and Deleo's group pursue him, but Verus has run to the Light battlemage Griff and Luna. Griff, an agent of the Councilor Levistus, then betrays Verus, locking him in with Khazard. Onyx has promised the Death Mage freedom and a place by his side if he murders Verus, but Alex helps Khazard realise that Onyx was lying. Verus, in exchange for his life, takes the bracelet off Khazard, who attempts to strike him down anyway, but Alex kills him, leaving Onyx desperate.

Meanwhile, a surly Deleo begins to openly rebel against Morden, and only the Death Bracelet prevents a magical duel. Griff seeks to use the key to open the statue of Abithriax, and traps Alex and Luna in stone. He is unaware that both Onyx and Deleo and Cinder are in the room, waiting to ambush each other. Griff is shredded by a combination of Force, Matter and Fire Magic, and the three Dark Mages begin to duel each other. Onyx then disables both Deleo and Cinder, and is about to kill the former when Alex intervenes. Combined with the Fateweaver, Alex's divination lets him dodge or block all of Onyx's Dark Force Magic, until the Chosen flees in terror.