Master Morden is a powerful and politically active Dark Mage. He is the face of a movement that tries to unite the Light and Dark Mages.


Morden has dark hair and is, 'good looking in a smooth, polished way, like a politician'. He looks about thirty, but his grace and eyes suggest an older age. He has a smooth, cultured baritone.


Morden is calm, efficient and reasonable. He deplores rudeness and stupidity, as seen in his conversation with Khazad, and prefers his slaves to obey him willingly. Despite this, however, Morden has no qualms about killing - he had his apprentice, Lisa, tortured just to prove a point to Verus and Deleo - the punishment for disloyalty. 

Morden is also a firm believer in the True Path. Unlike his contemporary, Richard Drakh, he realises that the True Path is bigger than just one Dark Mage, and helps Alex realise something about his personality. For Morden, the True Path is breaking free of limits, using one's own powers, skills and manipulations to survive and thrive. This is why Morden considers Verus, 'a Dark Mage in all but name already'.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Morden seems to be skilled at wards, having the ability to layer a ward with others until it presents a strong barrier. Besides that, not much of Morden's magic is shown. Before Verus was knocked out, he saw 'a light eating pulse, nauseating and weakening and dazzling me all at once'. It is unclear if that is Morden's magic, or if he reflected Khazad's Death Magic unto himself and the others.


Morden is first mentioned by Alex when meeting Cinder for the first time near the start of the book at the time he has not idea who the person is but foresaw it was the only thing he could say to stop Cinder attacking him and Luna. 

He is not met in person till much later looking to join up the trio of Dark Mages (Khazard, Cinder and Deleo) with Alex Verus to help him capture the The Fateweaver. He stops Khazad from killing Verus, knocks out both Verus and Deleo's Group and spirits them away. When Verus comes to, he and Morden have a conversation concerning power, philosophy and the True Path, before Morgen outlines what he seeks from Verus. To forewarn Verus and Deleo not to betray him, Morgen has Lisa tortured on the agonizer, with Verus and Deleo present. He then sends them to the British Museum under the watchful eye of Onyx, his Dark Chosen.