Lyle Trahelis is a Mage who works for the Light Councillor Vaal Levistus. An old acquaintance of Verus, he approaches him first about the fateweaver, and introduces him to Levistus. These actions cause Lyle's already strained relationship with Verus to grow even colder.


Lyle is about as old as Verus, slim, with short black hair and a olive, Mediterranean tinge to his skin - Luna calls him, 'the Greek guy' - and is normally garbed in expensive clothes.


Lyle is very manipulative, coercing Verus into working for Levistus even though he knew that Verus would most likely die, all for the sake of his position. His expensive clothing also suggests a deep vanity and ego. Despite his position of influence, Lyle does not like to get his hands dirty, and is more comfortable talking than fighting. According to Verus, Lyle is a coward, 'able to act strong when he is in control, but put him in real danger and he crumbled'. Lyle's manipulations and cowardice, combined with their shared history, do not endear him to Verus, and they walk away enemies in Fated.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like Talisid, Lyle has shown little in the way of physical and magical abilities. It seems that, like most mages, Lyle relies on his magic to fight, seeing as he was easily beaten in a physical fight by Verus (though his cowardice may be hindering his true potential). Lyle does seem to have some skill, however, seeing how he not only survives in the cut-throat world of Council politics, but thrives as well. Verus is surprised that Lyle can rise so quickly to being Levistus' right hand man, so maybe he is underestimated a lot.

Although no specific statement about his magical ability has been made, it seems that Lyle is an Enchanter (or some kind of emotion mage). In Taken it is noted that between Lyle and Crystal noone thinking or feeling could sneak up on them. And when Lyle attacks Alex he feels an overwhelming number of emotions.


Lyle and Verus met when they were both apprentices- Lyle, in contrast to his present state, was, 'gauky and awkward'. Lyle seems to have known the circumstances behind Verus's apprenticeship, but turned a blind eye, not wanting to upset the Dark Mages. This attitude extended to wanting Verus to 'vanish' when he killed Richard Drakh, which led to their antagonism


Lyle is the first to approach Verus about the fateweaver and, until we learn its name, Verus calls it, 'Lyle's artifact', showing the link between the two. Lyle approaches Verus in his shop but Alex, not wanting Lyle to see the rare artifacts in his possession, suggested they take a walk. On their way, Lyle asks if Verus would lead Levistus' investigation team, but unofficially, as he is still persona non grata in the eyes of the Council. Naturally, Verus refuses. Lyle then leaves in a rage, but calls Verus after Deleo's Group attacked the Museum (unaware that Verus was an unwilling part of that group) and tells him that the search is now official and Verus has Council permission to join. To show Verus his legitimacy, Lyle invites him to a upperclass ball on Canary Wharf; a curious Verus accepts the invitation. At the ball, Lyle leads Verus to a private meeting between the diviner and his employer, Vaal Levistus. Levistus and Thirteen coerce Verus into helping them- in a fear-induced rage, Verus beats up Lyle, and gains some insight into his manipulative character.