Khazard is a Dark Death Mage and ally of Cinder and Deleo


Khazard is described as 'a small man, spindly and thin, wearing dark clothes and a mask that hid his face. His features are vaguely Middle Eastern, and his movements are birdlike and quick.


Khazard's insanity is focused primarily on Verus, as Alex humiliated him and defeate him twice. This focus is so clear that it robs Khazard of perspective- he wanted to kill Verus straight away, forsaking the mission to retrieve the fateweaver. As Alex said, Khazad is 'not the forgive and forget type'. Khazad does possess a base survival instinct, seeing how he allied himself with Onyx, but is overall unintelligent, falling for Verus's tricks twice (the last of which led to his death) and not realising that, to Onyx, he was a liability to be killed when there was no further use for him. A typical Dark Mage, Khazad likes to 'play with his food' and this sadism leads to his death at the hands of Verus.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Khazard is a Death Mage. He can manipulate what Alex calls, 'negative energy that kills by shutting down the body's systems, especially the brain and heart'. Death magic is fast, like lightning, and Khazad also has some kinetic energy mixed in with his magic, which gives his lightning a physical push. It seems, however, that one can survive a blast of Death Magic, as Alex took a lightning bolt to the chest, and was able to move, function and kill Khazad. However, Khazad's intention was to tortue Alex, not kill him, so his Death Magic may not have been at full strength.

Khazard's Death Magic takes the form of black lightning, visible only as 'a greater darkness against the night sky, and they made no sound but a low hiss'. He can also weave shields made of black light, and senses living creatures as an 'absence, a place where their magic cannot go'. However, unlike Fire Magic, Death Magic needs a clear line of sight to function, which is how Alex defeated Khazad on the roof.


Khazard comes after Alex during the night, sent by Deleo to retrieve the Diviner. Alex, being able to see the future, knows that Khazad is approaching and picks a disadvantageous location- the roof- to fight him. Khazad lashes out with his Death Magic, but his inability to pick up Alex's magical aura means that he is duped and pushed off the roof by the camoflaged Verus.

When Cinder captures Verus, Khazard seeks to kill him immediately, leading to a clash with the Dark Fire Mage. He needles Verus in the British Museum, wrongly assuming that he is a coward. To get back at Deleo and Cinder, Khazad imprisons them, but Verus frees them. Working with the traitorous Light Earth Mage Griff, Khazad finally gets his shot at Verus, striking him down with a Death lightning bolt to the chest. Verus offers to disable Khazad's death bracelet, so that Onyx cannot kill him; but Khazad betrays Verus, seeking to kill him as soon as the bracelet is disabled. An anticipatory Verus reveals that he now controls the charge to Khazad's bracelet, and raises the lightning charge to the maximum, killing the Dark Death Mage in the process.