The Fateweaver is a ivory staff that has survived the last Mage War and has been around for a thousand years locked away in the tomb of Abithriax, a powerful Light battle mage who fought in the Dark Wars


Originally, fateweavers were given by the Light Council to any loyal battle mage commander. As they were unstable, the fateweavers became more of a ceremonious tool. 

Abithriax was the Council's most powerful battle mage. Charismatic, magically strong and intelligent, the paranoid Council feared that Abithriax would overthrow them, and had him assassinated.

The Council, however, couldnt resist using Abithriax's fateweaver for themselves. Using this flaw, Abithriax would possess the wielder, and go on a rampage, until stopped by the other Council members, one of whom would keep the fateweaver and begin the whole process again. When the last few members figured it out, they still didnt want to destroy the fateweaver- as Abithriax states, 'it was all that power, you see'- so they sealed him in a statue, hoping to disenchant the fateweaver with time. They never did, and Abithriax was left in the dark for two thousand years.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

While it is the last of it kind,at one point they where given to worthy battle mages who lead armys of other mages to destory dark mages. Fateweavers are able to bend fate to their will allowing something to happen even if it only has a slight chance to really happen- Alex states that the fateweaver, "let me pick what would happen". Using it in conjunction with his divination, Alex was able to counter and avoid the Force Magic of the Dark Chosen Onyx. The problem with the fateweaver, however, is that it corrupts its wielder as Abithriax possess them. Abithriax offers to 'open my mind, and let my knowledge and skills be yours', but instead, your knowledge and skills, and body, become his.


During the first book Deleo's Group, Morden, The Light (represented by Talisid), and Light Mage Levistus are all looking to get the last Fateweaver the is locked away in the tomb. In this mad grab for power they all need a Diviner to help them causing all of them but Alex to go underground forcing them all the track down Alex therefore starting the story