Cinder is a Dark Fire Mage, member of Deleo's group and very close friend of Deleo.


Cinder is 'powerfully built, with a thick neck and wide hands, with muscles that bulged through the lines of his black coat'. It's safe to say that Cinder is, physically and magically, the muscle of Deleo's group. Despite his friendly appearance, Cinder is fairly normal looking - according to Alex, 'he might be a bouncer or bodyguard, maybe even a friendly one, if you didn't look to closely at his eyes'. His eyes glow red and orange when Cinder uses his Fire Magic.


Cinder's grudge against Alex, while not at Khazad's extreme hatred, is enough for him to go out of his way to kill Verus. According to Cinder, he 'hates getting tricked', and Verus's ability to do so infuriates him. Cinder is also belligerent, getting into several fights with Khazard, and would have come to blows with the Death Mage had Deleo not intervened herself. Nonetheless, although Cinder is homicidal and irrationally angry, he is smarter than he looks, as seen when he identifies several high level wards, and has a survival instinct, shown when he (grudgingly) allows Verus  to disable his death bracelet.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Cinder is a Dark Fire Mage, able to generate, manipulate and control flames. He does not need a direct line of sight to use his magic, unlike Khazad, and can summon flames of enough strength to destroy a taxi and knock Alex unconscious. Cinder is able, like all Fire Mages, to find people by 'picking up a man's body heat'. 


Cinder and Alex first come into contract while Alex and Luna and investigating the red cube the Luna finds in a shop. in many of the futures that Alex see's Cinder would have killed them both in his first meeting had he managed to see the cube before Alex put it in his bag and only backs down after Alex mentions the Dark Mage Morden, who is of sufficient strength to scare Cinder off. When Cinder realises the ruse, he tracks Verus and Luna first to a ball, then to the British Museum, where he knocks Verus out. Forced to bring him to Morden, Cinder is then presented with more unwelcome news- he has to work with Verus to gain the fateweaver. Accompanying Verus to the Museum, Cinder, along with Onyx, Khazard and Deleo, kill the Council's guards, then pursue the fleeing Verus. Once inside the Precursor Relic, Verus convinces Cinder that Onyx will kill him and Deleo as liabilities as soon as he gets the fateweaver. Working with Verus, Cinder and Deleo engage in a Dark Magical duel with Onyx, attempting to get pass his shields and kill him. They cannot, however, and Cinder is hurled into a marble pillar by one of Onyx's Force spells, breaking several bones and giving him a concussion. He is tenderly carried away by Deleo at the end of the novel.